Powering The Future

Fuel Station

Ghrian Smart Series is an excellent choice for fuel stations while considering the price escalation of fuel for DG sets and when compared to DG sets the initial investment, operation and maintenance costs are less. The Converted DC power from SPV modules to AC power will be supplied to the AC load and when AC mains / Photovoltaic Energy Shut off, the required power supplied from the battery bank.

Fuel Stations commonly build up with sunken fuelling installation, Motor adopt fuel pumps are used to dispense the fuel in the forecourt and service building. Ghrian Smart Series for Fuel Station are technologies to meet the qualification of Fuel Pump motor which takes its maximum starting current and varying voltage level. They have the capacity to deliver the peak load demand and reduces the electricity bill up to 50%-60%. Power wasted during nil spike time by the DG sets will be saved.