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Agricultural Solutions

Ghrian Pump is a solar water pump that works when the sun rays falls on the pv modules and it does not need batteries to run. The maintenance and operational costs of solar pumps are very low when compared to pumps that are powered by conventional grids and environmental friendly.It is ideal for all agricultural operations which requires water pumping.

Working Process

Solar power converts sunlight into electrical energy in one of two ways. Photovoltaic is a direct method of producing electricity whereas using concentrated solar power is an indirect method. The Ghrian Pumps can be incorporated into regular power consumption seamlessly and is very easy to harness. As well as being environmentally friendly a solar powered water pump is more reliable and will lower electricity bills.

A solar powered water pumping system uses a solar array to produce a DC current.Ghrian Pumps converts this to an AC current. This current powers the pump whenever the sun is shining. Any excess water which is not required immediately can be stored in an overhead storage tank for future use.

The automatic control mode regulates the flow of the water. This means that changes in the amount of sunlight do not cause too much fluctuation in the flow of the water. The system delivers high reliability and does not require a battery bank to make up any shortfall in output. The maintenance costs of the system are low.

Ghrian Pump has an intelligent controller with which the pump rotation speed is changed automatically according to any fluctuations in input from the PV panel. The pump controller also maintains the rated speed and if the input voltage is too low then it will automatically shut down.

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