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Ghrian Renewables Pvt Ltd is a company built around people who have extensive knowledge in renewable energy, manufacturing, large scale operation implementation and personalized customer service support. Our network is built on satisfied customers spreading the word about the benefits of alternative energy solutions and our great value. Our company has been drawn together by individuals driven to form an entity that has the technical, practical and customer-centric expertise to take our vision successfully to the public.

Our manufacturing partners create the most advanced energy efficient products based on the latest technology – and we help you choose the best product, with the best value, for your needs. Every project is custom-tailored to meet the clients need. There are no one-size-fits-all limitations. We see solar and other forms of alternative energy as a tremendous opportunity to change the path that our society is currently on for future generations. We believe solar can become a major energy supply source for this country and we hope you’ll join us in this endeavour.

Ghrian Renewables Pvt. Ltd. as a member of JSR Holdings, aims to bring special focus to the renewable and secure energy space. Ghrian is organized as three strategic verticals: Sustainable Energy Solutions, Secure Energy Solutions and the Energy Alliance.

JSR Holding, based out of Hyderabad has a diversified portfolio with a presence in power, cement, sugar and large scale civil infrastructure projects in the Sub-continent and Africa.

The Greenesol Group of companies from JSR Holding is an established EPC. Greenesol has completed over 200 captive power plant installations and successfully implemented projects for large IPPs on a turn key basis.

Partnering with M/s.Hangzhou Steam Turbine Company, the group is into Project Execution, Erection & Commissioning and After sale service of Turbo Generators. Boilers, Electro Static Precipitators (ESP), Distributed Control System (DCS), Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) and Transformers are also offered.

Mission and Vision



Business Verticals

Our projects are executed with a set of skilled technical and project management professionals who have immense experience both in conventional and renewable energy space.

We Offer

We have forged partnerships and alliances with world leaders in the renewable energy space. Ghrian provides operation and maintenance of plant on pre-defined contractual basis.

Business Principles

Green Energy Solutions

Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. Solar electricity can supplement your entire or partial energy consumption. Using solar power means reducing your energy bills and saving money.

Start your sustainability initiatives with us, we offer all solutions, starting from design, installation and maintenance of Rooftop Solar solutions, hybrid backup solutions for home & commercial establisments, and grid-tied Solar power plants for independent power producers.

Best Quality & Service

Maximize your solar investment with proven, German-made quality, reliability and durability. Life span of our solar panels is more than 25 years and with high efficiency rate. We offer installation services & after sales services to all our clients.

We deliver a cost effective energy platform for corporations, domestic, irrigation and epc megawatt plants to meet future energy demands with predictable long-term pricing

End To End Solution

When you are ready to switch to solar, we take care of every step! We’ll handle everything for your project including engineering, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of system performance. we'll follow up with all agencies to make sure you receive your rebates and credits fast and with no hassles. All you have to do is enjoy watching your electric meter spin backwards while your new solar plant is making you money.

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